Guide to the Friend

“Guide to the Friend,” Friend, Oct. 2004, inside back cover

Guide to the Friend

The Guide to the Friend can help you find stories or articles for preparing lessons or talks for church or for family home evening. The Primary theme for October is “Prophets teach me how to strengthen my family.”

Family Home Evening Ideas

Look for the FHE symbol on the [original magazine] pages mentioned below.

  1. Read President James E. Faust’s message “Sacred Priesthood Blessings” (pages 2–3). What does the word “magnify” mean? How can we be magnified by priesthood blessings? Share experiences of times you have felt the priesthood’s power.

  2. To find out how one missionary followed a prophet’s example, read “Righteous Desires” (pages 8–9). How can you use examples in the scriptures to help you? Discover what another ancient prophet taught by completing the puzzle “A Message from Alma” (page 35).

  3. Read “Watching Over the Flock” (pages 32–34). What blessings come from having a prophet on earth today? Find out what we can do to help him by completing the activity “I Can Sustain the Prophet” (pages 20–21). Finish by reading the poem “A Living Prophet” (page 13).

  4. Read “Mysterious Visitors” (pages 4–6). How can your family serve others? Plan to serve a friend or neighbor by making an apple recipe (page 22) to share. You may also want to make “Apple Napkin Rings” (page 21) for each person.

  5. Read “The New Boy” (pages 36–39). What does Chase learn? Discuss ways you can include new or lonely people. Then complete the activity “Fun in the Neighborhood” (page 23).

  6. For more ideas, see page 40.