Elder David B. Haight
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“Elder David B. Haight,” Friend, Oct. 2004, 7

Elder David B. Haight


Elder David B. Haight

Elder David B. Haight of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles passed away on 31 July 2004 after a lifetime of humble dedication to the Lord.

David was born to Clara and Hector Haight on 2 September 1906 in Oakley, Idaho. As a child, David learned to play the violin and performed at school and family concerts. He played football. He enjoyed Scouting, and he was the first boy in his county to receive the First Class rank. One day, David heard that his town would be hosting a best-kept lawn competition. The award was a new Scout uniform, which David wanted very badly. He mowed, raked, and weeded his family’s lawn every day. When the judges saw all of his hard work, he won the uniform! Even when sad things happened to David—like when his father died when he was only nine years old—he tried hard to be happy and successful.

While going to school in Utah, David enjoyed learning about business. He later spent most of his career managing department stores. It was at one of these stores that he met his wife, Ruby Olson. They were married on 4 September 1930 in the Salt Lake Temple.

Besides being a smart businessman and loving husband, Elder Haight was also a wonderful example to his three children. They saw what a good worker he was while he served in the Navy during World War II, and later when he was elected mayor of Palo Alto, California. They wrote to him in Scotland when he was called to be a mission president there. They came and supported him in the Tabernacle when he was sustained as an Apostle on 8 January 1976.

Elder Haight taught many important things about life. He said, “In life when there is something to be done, we have to learn the basics. They are taught in the scriptures. None of them has changed. We have to learn to obey the simple, basic rules of the gospel” (Friend, Sept. 1998, IFC). Elder Haight will be remembered for his attitude of humble obedience—an attitude that will continue to be an example for the world.

Elder Haight on a fishing trip in 1969; at about age 6; and with his grandson Brent Haight.