Hard Worker
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“Hard Worker,” Friend, Oct. 2004, 30–31

Hard Worker

Adapted from Francis M. Gibbons, Heber J. Grant: Man of Steel, Prophet of God (1979), 24–26; Heber J. Grant, “The Nobility of Labor,” Ensign, Mar. 1972, 71.

Heber J. Grant
Events in the life of Heber J. Grant

Illustrated by Mike Eagle

When Heber J. Grant was a young man, he worked for an insurance agent, Mr. H. R. Mann. He treated Heber like a son.

Mr. Mann: Heber, why don’t you go to the baseball game this afternoon and then come tell me about it during supper?

Heber: Thanks, Mr. Mann!

Besides working for Mr. Mann, Heber earned money writing greeting cards and wedding invitations. He stayed at the office late into the evening, spreading his greeting cards on his large office desk to let the ink dry.

On New Year’s Eve, Mr. Mann’s partner, Mr. Wadsworth, found Heber still busy at the office writing greeting cards.

Mr. Wadsworth: Heber, what on earth are you doing?

Heber: Getting my cards ready to sell tomorrow.

Mr. Wadsworth: You are the only one I’m going to give a New Year’s present to. You seem to enjoy work while most of the other boys watch the clock to see how soon they can leave.

Heber: Wow! A hundred dollars?

Heber later said that knowing he had earned the confidence of his employer meant much more to him than the money. It inspired him to succeed in business and in the community.

As prophet, he taught young people to be hard workers, too.

Heber: Be inspired with a desire to labor and learn, and you will achieve success in the battle of life.