Apple Napkin Rings
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“Apple Napkin Rings,” Friend, Oct. 2004, 21

Apple Napkin Rings

To make four napkin holders, you will need: pencil; tracing paper; scissors; brown, red, and green construction paper; and glue. (Felt may be substituted for construction paper.)

  1. With a pencil and tracing paper, copy the four patterns on this page and cut them out.

  2. Trace four ring patterns on the brown paper and cut out. Overlap the ends of each paper strip to form a ring, glue in place, and let dry.

  3. Trace four red apples, brown stems, and green leaves. Cut them out.

  4. Glue the stems and leaves to the apples (see illustration). Then glue the apple on top of the glued ends of the ring.

Apple Napkin Rings