Road to a Happy Family

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“Road to a Happy Family,” Friend, May 2002, 24

Road to a Happy Family

Instructions: Glue pages 24–25 to heavy paper or lightweight cardboard. Leaving the road uncut, cut out the puzzle on the dotted lines. Mix the puzzle pieces up, and place right side down near the game board. You will need a different-color button for each player, and a die, or number cube.

To play: Each player chooses a button and places it on START. Players then take turns rolling the die and moving the game pieces forward that many spaces. When a player lands on a space with writing, he/she reads what it says aloud. If it is something that will help a family be happy, the player selects a puzzle piece and puts it where they think it belongs in the center of the game board. (The player may also move a placed puzzle piece, if he/she thinks it was positioned wrong.) If what is read is something that will not make a family happy, the next player takes a turn. If a player lands on a STOP sign, it is the next player’s turn. Continue going around the game board until the puzzle is complete.


Be honest.
List the things you are grateful for.
Volunteer to set the table.
Argue with your mother.
Leave love notes for your family.
Set a good example.
Go to bed on time.
Take care of the pet.
Be a grump.
Share your toys.
Say “please” and “thank you.”
Miss family home evening to play with a friend.
Pray to Heavenly Father every night.
Try to choose the right all day.
Be kind to your family.
Tell your family you love them.
Read the Book of Mormon.
Don’t do your chores.
Listen to the family home evening lesson.
Help someone with a task.
Cheat to win a game.
Be reverent in sacrament meeting and Primary.
Obey your mom and dad.
Read the Friend to someone.
Write in your journal.
Don’t attend scripture study.
Do a chore without being asked.
Let someone else be first.
Say “I’m sorry” when you do something wrong.
Don’t come home when your dad calls.