“Childviews,” Friend, May 2002, inside front cover


Help Is Always There

One night when we were arriving at a store, our van suddenly broke down. My mom tried and tried to get it started again. When the van didn’t start, I thought we would be stuck there forever.

Then I thought of saying a prayer. So my sister and I each said a prayer, and when my mom tried again to start the van, it started!

We turned around and went home. The next day, we had the van checked. They couldn’t find anything wrong with it. It has been almost four years since then, and we still have the same van and it still runs.

I learned that God is always there, waiting to help all of us in our trials.

Tierca Harrison, age 9
East Peoria, Illinois

To Tea or Not to Tea

I had gone to my friend’s house one day, and her mother asked me if I wanted some tea. I said, “No thanks. I don’t drink it.”

Her mother asked, “What if I make it very weak?”

I told her that I’d have to ask my mom. So I phoned my mom, and she agreed with me that drinking even weak tea would be breaking the Word of Wisdom. So I told my friend’s mom, “My mom said no.”

After that, I was happy that I followed the Word of Wisdom, and I still am. I am also glad that I am following the counsel of the prophet.

Karina Sadler, age 11
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Good Things in the Friend

I always love to read the Friend the second it gets to the mailbox. Every month, I wait for the next issue. I enjoy reading the inspiring stories it includes each month. I really enjoy the Making Friends story each month. When I get the Friend, I jump right to it. I also like the family home evening ideas. They’re really good, too.

William Gresiak, age 9
State College, Pennsylvania

Illustrated by Brad Teare