Rebekah at the Well

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“Rebekah at the Well,” Friend, May 2002, 36

Rebekah at the Well

Abraham wanted his son Isaac to have a good wife. He sent a servant to find one for Isaac.

In the city of Nahor, the servant stopped by a well and prayed that Isaac’s future wife would agree to give him water to drink and offer to draw water for his camels, as well. This prayer was answered, and Rebekah became Isaac’s wife. (See Gen. 24.)

To help Rebekah do her kind deed, color the picture on this page. Then remove it from the magazine and mount it on heavy paper. Cut out piece A, line up the two Xs with piece A on top, and put a brass fastener through them. The arm can now move to lift the jug.

Rebekah at the Well

Illustrated by Beth Whittaker