His Mother Prays

“His Mother Prays,” Friend, May 2002, 20–21

His Mother Prays

See Conference Report, April 1941, page 120.

Harold B. Lee
Events from the life of Harold B. Lee

Illustrated by Mike Eagle

When Harold B. Lee was in high school, he joined the debate team.

Harold’s friend: Harold, did you hear? We’re leaving town for a debate tournament!

Harold: When?

Harold’s friend: Next week!

Harold prepared his speeches and packed his suitcase, trying to not be nervous for the tournament. On the day of the tournament, he was ready.

When his turn came to speak, he stood at the podium and did his best. His team won every debate!

Harold: Mother, you’ll never guess what happened—we won!

Harold’s mother: I know all about it. I’ll tell you why when you come home.

Harold returned home, eager to find out how his mother had heard the news.

Harold’s mother: When I knew it was time for your debate to start, I went out among the willows by the creek, and there, all by myself, I prayed to God that you would not fail. And I received assurance that you would not.

Harold learned the strength of his mother’s love and faith. He learned that Heavenly Father answers the prayers of those who love Him, that He helps His children to do their best in all of their activities, and that that is even more important than winning.