Guide to the Friend

“Guide to the Friend,” Friend, May 2002, inside back cover

Guide to the Friend

The Guide to the Friend can help you find stories or articles for preparing lessons or talks for church or for family home evening. Look for the FHE symbol on the [original magazine] pages mentioned in the Family Home Evening Ideas. The Primary theme for May is “My body is a temple.”

Family Home Evening Ideas

  1. Ask a parent to review the Word of Wisdom (see D&C 89). Then read “Winner!” (pages 4–6) together. Make a poster of the quote from My Gospel Standards mentioned in the story and display it in a prominent place in your home.

  2. Help a younger brother or sister learn the poem “I Celebrate” (page 10) and then teach it to the family during family home evening. Using “My Body—a Temple” (pages 18–19) and “Ye Are the Temple of God” (page 44), talk about ways you can respect and care for your bodies.

  3. Using the pictures, read together “The Good Samaritan” (pages 11–13). Talk about ways each of you can show love to your neighbors. End by telling the story “Service with a Song” (pages 16–17). Be sure to read the sidebar quote from President Thomas S. Monson.

  4. During the week before family home evening, ask each family member to make a card of appreciation for Mom (see page 22). Present them to her at family home evening as each of you tell her some of the reasons you love and honor her.

  5. Use the cutouts to tell the story “Rebekah at the Well” (page 36). Then invite each family member to share his or her favorite scripture story. Give each a copy of Journal Page (page 31) to fill out and save.

  6. Make “Personal Pizzas with Pizzazz” (page 35) for refreshments.