Guide to the Friend

    “Guide to the Friend,” Friend, Nov. 2000, 47

    Guide to the Friend

    Family Home Evening Ideas

    1. Play the “Journey to the Promised Land Game” (pages 24–25). As you play, be sure to read the scriptures mentioned. After the game, talk about why the Book of Mormon is important to you.

    2. Read “The List” (pages 2–4). On a large piece of paper write each family member’s name. Together, write by each name three reasons why you love that person. Post this list where you can all see it during the week.

    3. Ask a brother or sister to recite or read the poem “Counting Blessings” (page 5). Then have each family member talk about a blessing he or she is especially thankful for.

    4. Using the illustrations, tell the story “Jesus Is Baptized” (pages 28–31). Invite a family member to share memories of his or her baptism.

    5. Tell the story “‘Saints’ Means ‘Friends’” (pages 32–34). Consider your ward members or your neighbors. Is there someone who could use your help? Plan ways to do it.

    6. Ask a parent to help you make “Baked Custard” (page 17) for refreshments.