Always Remember Him

    “Always Remember Him,” Friend, Nov. 2000, 41

    Always Remember Him

    When we are baptized, we promise to always remember Jesus Christ. Fill in the blanks of these sentences to find ways in which we can always remember Him. Then use the word to complete the crossword puzzle.

    Crossword puzzle


    1. I can _____ my prayers morning and night.

    2. I can _____ the commandments.

    3. I can be _____ when I am eight years old.

    4. I can be _____ to others.


    1. I can _____ an honest tithing.

    2. I can learn about Jesus Christ when I _____ the scriptures.

    3. I can _____ the gospel with my friends.

    4. I can _____ to the prophet during general conference.


    • Across—(3) say, (4) keep or obey, (6) baptized, (7) kind. Down—(1) pay, (2) read, (3) share, (5) listen.