Counting Blessings

    “Counting Blessings,” Friend, Nov. 2000, 5

    Counting Blessings

    One day, I started writing down

    My blessings one by one.

    I filled both sides of seven sheets

    And still did not get done.

    I wrote down, “friends and family,

    And legs that run and hop,

    A cozy bed and clothes to wear,

    And, of course, my mom and pop.”

    I’m grateful for so many things—

    For sunsets, trees, and rain,

    For eyes to see and ears to hear,

    For being free from pain.

    I wrote the name of Jesus down—

    I’m thankful most for Him—

    Then added, “scriptures, music, love,

    And my new puppy, Tim.”

    And now whenever I feel down

    And don’t know what to do,

    I get my blessings notebook out

    And add a page or two.

    Illustrated by Richard Hull