Brad’s First Solo

    “Brad’s First Solo,” Friend, Nov. 2000, 26

    Brad’s First Solo

    A true story

    The Lord needs valiant servants,
    To do his work in the latter day
    (Children’s Songbook, page 162).

    Brad is ten years old and attends Primary every Sunday. He loves to sing the Primary songs, and he thinks about their messages.

    One day, the Primary president told his class that they were planning a special program for the Primary children to give in sacrament meeting. She wanted the boys in Brad’s class to sing a song on the program. The other boys in the class said that they didn’t want to sing. Because his mom was a counselor in the Primary presidency, Brad knew the planning and preparing that were going into this program. He also knew that the Primary president was a special helper of Jesus Christ and that if He had asked Brad to sing, he certainly would say yes. So he raised his hand and said, “I’ll sing the song alone then!”

    The Primary president was very pleased.

    When he got home, his mom said, “Brad, you’ve never sung alone before—and in front of so many people! Won’t you be scared?”

    Brad said that he would be very scared but that he knew that it was important to do what our leaders ask us to do.

    The day of the program arrived, and Brad sat on the stand, waiting for his turn on the program. When he knew that he would be next, he became very frightened. Wondering if any sound would come out of his mouth when he started to sing, he said a little prayer. So did his mom, his dad, his sister, his brother, and the Primary president.

    When he stood up to sing, the first words were a little shaky. Then, as he thought of the words he was singing, his voice became stronger and stronger:

    “Dare to do right! …” (Yes, he thought, I’m doing the right thing.)

    “Dare to be true! …” (I will be true to the teachings of Jesus.)

    “You have a work that no other can do; …” (The Primary president asked us to sing.)

    “Do it so bravely, so kindly, so well, …” (I’m not quite as scared now—and he sang with all his heart.)

    “Angels will hasten the story to tell.” (My prayer is being answered, and everyone is listening to the words I’m singing.)

    When he sang the second verse, he wasn’t scared anymore at all, and the words came out loud and full of meaning:

    “Dare to do right! Dare to be true!

    “Other men’s failures can never save you.

    “Stand by your conscience, your honor, your faith;

    “Stand like a hero and battle till death.

    “Dare, dare, dare to do right;

    “Dare, dare, dare to be true,

    “Dare to be true, dare to be true.”*

    Brad finished the song and sat down. He had a good feeling inside. He looked at the Primary president, then at his mom and dad. They all had tears in their eyes. His sister and brother were smiling, and he was sure that Jesus was smiling, too.

    • Children’s Songbook, page 158.

    Illustrated by Julie F. Young

    Brad Carling, Layton Eighteenth Ward, Layton Utah South Stake