Journey to the Promised Land Game

    “Journey to the Promised Land Game,” Friend, Nov. 2000, 24–25

    Journey to the Promised Land Game

    Inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments, ye shall prosper, and shall be led to a land of promise (1 Ne. 2:20).

    Directions: To play this game, you will need a small button of a different color for each player (or team), and one die. All players begin at the square marked START. When it is your turn, roll the die and move that number of spaces in the direction of the small arrows. If you land on a square with a message, read the words on your square out loud, then look up the scripture and read that, too. If your square has a large arrow, move your button to where the arrow points. The game is over only when all players have reached “The Promised Land.”

    Lehi is commanded to leave Jerusalem (1 Ne. 2:2).
    Lehi obeys (1 Ne. 2:3).
    Laman and Lemuel murmur (1 Ne. 2:12).
    Nephi prays to understand (1 Ne. 2:16).
    Lehi’s sons return to Jerusalem for Laban’s plates of brass (1 Ne. 3:1–4). Go back to START.
    Nephi follows promptings of the Holy Ghost and gets the plates (1 Ne. 4:6, 38).
    Lehi’s sons return safely to their father and mother (1 Ne. 5:7).
    Lehi’s sons return to Jerusalem for Ishmael’s family (1 Ne. 7:2). Go back to START.
    Lehi’s sons marry (1 Ne. 16:7).
    Lehi finds the Liahona (1 Ne. 16:10; Alma 37:38).
    Nephi breaks his bow (1 Ne. 16:18).
    Laman and Lemuel murmur (1 Ne. 16:20).
    Nephi makes a bow and asks his father where to hunt (1 Ne. 16:23).
    Nephi follows the directions on the Liahona and finds food (1 Ne. 16:26, 30–31).
    The Lord commands Nephi to build a ship (1 Ne. 17:7–8).
    Nephi makes tools and builds the ship (1 Ne. 17:16; 1 Ne. 18:2).
    Laman and Lemuel treat Nephi harshly (1 Ne. 18:11).
    The Liahona stops working (1 Ne. 18:12).
    A tempest at sea drives the ship back for three days (1 Ne. 18:13).
    Laman and Lemuel repent (1 Ne. 18:20).
    Nephi prays, and the storm ends (1 Ne. 18:21).
    Nephi guides the ship (1 Ne. 18:22).
    Lehi’s family arrives at the Promised Land (1 Ne. 18:23).


    Illustrated by Jerry Thompson