Good for Evil

“Good for Evil,” Friend, Aug. 1999, inside back cover

Good for Evil

Love your enemies, bless them that curse you (Matt. 5:44).

I had a new coat and was eager to wear it to school the next day. I couldn’t wait for my friends to see it.

While I was playing outside for recess, a boy laughed at my new coat and made fun of it. At first I was really angry and hurt and wanted to say something mean back to make him feel bad. But then I remembered the lesson I had in my Primary class. My teacher taught us that in Old Testament times, the law was an eye for an eye. But when Jesus Christ came to earth, He taught about love and about how important it is to forgive someone when they do something mean or bad.

After I remembered my Primary lesson and thought about what Jesus would want me to do, I decided to just turn around and walk away. I know it was better to forgive the boy than to say something mean back. I felt good inside because I had made the right choice.

Illustrated by Sherry Thompson