Scripture Scavenger Hunt
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“Scripture Scavenger Hunt,” Friend, Aug. 1999, 23

Scripture Scavenger Hunt

Here is a game that you can play during family home evening. Divide into two teams. Give each team a copy of the scriptures listed, a copy of the standard works of the Church, and a bag to put their “treasures” in.

Each team looks up the first scripture and reads it carefully to discover what they need to find that will fit into their sack. After they find the first object, they read the second scripture and find that object, and so on. Each scripture will tell them what they need to find, except number ten, which has special instructions. The first team to collect all nine items and complete clue number ten wins.

  1. Matthew 7:25 [Matt. 7:25]

  2. Psalm 102:11 [Ps. 102:11]

  3. Jeremiah 8:8 [Jer. 8:8]

  4. Doctrine and Covenants 45:37 [D&C 45:37]

  5. Mark 10:38

  6. Ezekiel 37:16–17 [Ezek. 37:16–17]

  7. Matthew 10:30 [Matt. 10:30]

  8. Exodus 3:5 [Ex. 3:5]

  9. Moses 1:41

  10. Mosiah 2:17–18. To finish the game do something this scripture is talking about.

After both teams have finished, share what you did for number ten with the other team.


  • (1) rock, (2) grass, (3) pen, (4) leaves, (5) cup, (6) stick, (7) hairs, (8) shoes, (9) book, (10) service, love.