Good Books for Little Friends
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“Good Books for Little Friends,” Friend, Aug. 1999, 30

Good Books for Little Friends

I Love Animals by Flora McDonnell This book from Ireland has very large pictures of cavorting farm animals.

Rosie’s Fishing Trip by Amy Hest The sun is just peeping through the trees when Rosie races it on her bike to where Grandpa is waiting. They eat muffins with jam before fishing in the pond, and Grandpa makes up a poem about their day.

Grandma’s Garden by Elaine Moore Kim helped her young grandmother plant a garden. Then a thunderstorm not only woke them up but destroyed the garden. Kim and Grandma fly a kite while the wind dries the ground; then they plant the garden again. Wonderful, realistic art.

The Ancestor Tree by T. Obinkaram Echewa Nna-nna is old, blind, and loved by the village children. When he dies, his Navel Tree is cut down, as is the custom there. The children want an Ancestor Tree planted for him, but that would be against the custom, because Nna-nna has no living children to do it. The village council in this African folktale make a wise decision.

Illustrated by Dick Brown