Family Home Evening Ideas
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“Family Home Evening Ideas,” Friend, Aug. 1999, 5

Family Home Evening Ideas

If your parents ask you to help plan a family home evening, you may want to use an idea from the Friend. Here are some ideas in this issue that you may like (look for the FHE symbol on the [original magazine] pages mentioned):

  1. Tell the story “Fireside with Fire” (pages 2–5) and list the things Chris did to prepare for his baptism. Talk about what each family member can do to prepare to make, or continue to keep, his or her baptismal covenants.

  2. Make the flannel-board figures (page 14) and use them to tell the story “The Baptism of Jesus Christ” (page 15). Discuss why Jesus was baptized and why we need to be baptized.

  3. Discuss what Elder Dallin H. Oaks had to say about the sacrament (IFC). What does it have to do with the promises you make when you are baptized?

  4. Memorize the poem “Temple Light” (page 19). Recite it and then ask your parents to talk about what you need to do to be worthy to go to the temple one day.

  5. Read the story “Clean” (pages 40–43). Ask family members to describe how it feels to be “clean” before Heavenly Father. Resolve to make the choices that lead to that feeling.

  6. Play “Days of Creation Game” (pages 24–25), or do one of the activities—“My Faith Grows” (page 11) or “Scripture Scavenger Hunt” (page 23).

  7. Make “Lemon Chill” (page 26) or “Arctic Nibblers” (page 30) for refreshments.