Setting an Example

“Setting an Example,” Friend, Feb. 1999, 48–inside back cover

Setting an Example

My name is Natalie. I was born on 4 May 1988 in Altdorf, Switzerland. I’m very happy to belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

My little sister, Christin, and I learn a lot when we go to church on Sunday. Christin is my best friend. Our teachers teach us from the Book of Mormon and the Bible. The classes are better than the ones at school!

Last year I was baptized. I felt as if I was being born again and starting a new life. Now I want to keep the commandments and the covenants I made with my Father in Heaven, even though it is not always easy.

I’m in the third grade. I go to school in Obfelden. At times it seems I’m the only one in my school who loves and respects Jesus Christ. Some of my friends at school don’t keep the Word of Wisdom, and they talk about worldly things a lot. At my school, many of the kids say bad words. It is hard for me not to get into this habit, and occasionally my parents have to correct me at home.

My mom tells me that children who belong to the Church have to be a light to the world; we need to set good examples for children who haven’t learned about the gospel. I try to do this by being good and by being friends with those who don’t have many friends.

When I was in kindergarten, I had a friend who wasn’t like everybody else. She was mentally disabled, and the other kids made fun of her. I played with this girl, but some of the other kids were mean. Sometimes they even hit her.

One morning I was looking for her and couldn’t find her in the classroom, so I went outside. When I found her, she was eating grass. Some kids had told her it was salad and she should eat it. I was so mad I began to cry. I took the grass out of her mouth and made her feel better. We were good friends after that. Now she goes to a special school and I don’t see her anymore, but I will always remember her.

Every day I ask my Father in Heaven to help me help other people, to help me love my brothers and sisters, and to help me be a good example in school.

Photos by Natalie Russi Silva