Family Home Evening Ideas
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“Family Home Evening Ideas,” Friend, Feb. 1999, 6

Family Home Evening Ideas

If your parents ask you to help plan a family home evening, you may want to use an idea from the Friend. Here are some ideas in this issue that you may like (look for the FHE symbol on the [original magazine] pages mentioned).

  1. Ask an older brother or sister to tell Elder Spencer J. Condie’s story (IFC) about the woman who followed the Savior’s example and forgave someone who harmed her. Ask what other things the Savior did that we can do in our lives.

  2. Read “Grasshopper Lover” (pages 2–6) or “Scaredy-Cat” (pages 40–42). Ask, “Is it easy to stand up for what’s right?” Call on family members to share times when they have done so.

  3. Follow the directions and do the “Creation Presentation” (pages 18–20). Talk about the many beautiful things Jesus created for you to enjoy and care for.

  4. Prepare and play the “New Testament Scripture-Story Grab Bag” game (pages 24–25).

  5. Tell the story “Never Alone” (pages 12–14) and/or “Roberto’s Valentines” (pages 28–30). Ask a parent to talk about Heavenly Father’s love for us.

  6. Learn “The Scriptures Say” (pages 10–11).

  7. Make the Heart Cakes (page 22) for refreshments.