Good Books for Little Friends
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“Good Books for Little Friends,” Friend, Feb. 1999, 20

Good Books for Little Friends

Number Nine Duckling by Susan Akass He was afraid to jump, but none of the others called him a ‘fraidy-cat. Instead, they tried to show him how to do it and told him that he could. And finally he did!

Birthday Blizzard by Bonnie Pryor What a rotten thing to happen when she had a big birthday party planned! But cold neighbors, a stranded couple with a baby, a stuck-in-the-snow snowplow, and an abandoned puppy make Jamie’s birthday the best ever.

Heart to Heart by George Shannon Squirrel had forgotten all about Valentine’s Day, and Mole was on his way over with a cake! Squirrel wanted to make a truly wonderful card for his best friend. Though it wasn’t the fancy card he had planned, it was wonderful, full of happy memories.

Snow Day! by Barbara M. Joosse At first, Robby (and Zippy, the family dog) was the only one who wanted to go out in the snow. But one by one, his two sisters and parents joined him for all sorts of fun before going in and having hot chocolate together in front of the fireplace.

Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink by Diane deGroat Gilbert’s feelings had been hurt by Lewis and by Margaret, so he wrote mean verses in their valentines—then signed Lewis’s card with Margaret’s name, and Margaret’s card with Lewis’s name. When the class found out, they were all mad at him. …