Jesus Christ’s Creations
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“Jesus Christ’s Creations,” Friend, Feb. 1999, 18

Jesus Christ’s Creations

For by [Jesus Christ] were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth (Col. 1:16).

Who made the birds that fly in the sky?

Jesus made the birds that fly so high.

Who made the stars that twinkle at night?

Jesus made the stars that shine so bright.

Who made the raindrops that fall to the earth?

Jesus made the raindrops that give new birth.

Who made the trees where the apples grow?

Jesus made the trees, oh, don’t you know!

Who made the oceans where the fishes swim?

Jesus made the oceans and everything within.

Jesus Christ is Lord of the earth.

We praise His name both last and first.

Illustrated by Scott Greer; painting of the Savior by Del Parson