Mom’s Magic
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“Mom’s Magic,” Friend, Feb. 1999, 21

Mom’s Magic

When Jeff woke up on Monday morning, everything went wrong. He could not find his favorite bear, and his socks did not match. His cornflakes got mushy, and he spilled orange juice all over his shirt.

“I’m having a bad day,” Jeff told Mom.

“You need some of my ‘magic,’” Mom said, smiling. “It can change your bad day into a happy one.”

“What kind of magic?” Jeff asked.

“Close your eyes,” Mom said.

Jeff shut his eyes and waited. A second later, Mom gave him a giant hug. It felt warm and soft.

“Did it work?” Mom asked.

“It sure did!” Jeff declared.

Then Mom said, “I need some of your magic.”

Jeff smiled and gave Mom a great big hug too!

Illustrated by Dick Brown