Good Books for Little Friends
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“Good Books for Little Friends,” Friend, Sept. 1997, 19

Good Books for Little Friends

Maria Mazaretti Loves Spaghetti by Robert Kobayashi In the first of two stories, Maria the butcher finds a hungry mouse in the house! In the second story, a neighbor gives her an amazing plant that grows and grows.

Albert’s Alphabet by Leslie Tryon Albert is asked to make an alphabet for the path by the school. He uses every tiny scrap of material he has, and whether you’re reading or being read to, you will pore over this wonderful book again and again.

The Snow Country Prince by Daisaku Ikeda Even Kazuo and Mariko’s grandmother can’t remember a winter this cold. And it is especially lonely this year (Father is hurt in the city, and Mother has gone to be with him). They take corn out to help the swans and ducks survive, and they care for an injured swan. Then the Snow Country Prince comes by to thank them for their kindness. A Japanese folktale.

I Love Saturday by Patricia Reilly Giff What would you do if you lived in Greenwich Village in New York City? Well, if you were Katie Cobb, on Saturday, you would get a sugar cookie, paint a wall, help Charles the doorman, go to the Sixth Street market, and much more. At least, that’s what you’d do before JJ comes. …