Red Crayon
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“Red Crayon,” Friend, Sept. 1997, 16–17

Red Crayon

(Based on a true incident)

Help me with others my blessings to share (Children’s Songbook, page 22).

Molly was in her high chair. She wasn’t happy, and Mama was too busy to play with her.

Katy sat at the kitchen table, coloring a picture for Grandma’s birthday. Katy knew why Molly was crying: She wanted Katy’s crayons. They were big and fat. But Katy was drawing a birthday cake and needed all the colors.

“Please, Katy, could you play with Molly?” Mama asked.

“No! She only wants my crayons,” Katy said.

“Your crayons are so big and bright—couldn’t you share one?”


Mama sat down in the chair next to her. “Who gave you those wonderful crayons?”

“Grandma did.”

“Yes, she did. Do you know why?”

Katy shook her head.

“She likes to share,” Mama said. “It made her happy. It made you very happy. And, best of all, it made Jesus Christ happy.”

Katy watched her baby sister trying to reach the brightest crayon, the red one. It was Katy’s favorite. Suddenly she ran out of the room.

She returned with a big piece of paper and gave it to Molly. She also gave Molly the wonderful red crayon! “See, Mama, I’m sharing,” Katy said.

Katy was happy. Molly was happy. Mama was happy, and Katy was sure that Jesus was happy too.

Illustrated by Susan Curtis