My Morning Thought

    “My Morning Thought,” Friend, Sept. 1997, 27

    My Morning Thought

    As I woke up this morning

    and climbed out of bed,

    A thought of the Savior

    came into my head.

    It gave me a smile

    to start off the day

    And helped me make choices

    as I went on my way.

    I cheered up a friend

    who’d been lonely and sad.

    I took out the garbage,

    even though it smelled bad!

    At the store, I wanted

    some gum to chew.

    I had no money,

    so what did I do?

    I thought of Jesus Christ,

    as I had in my bed;

    “Thou shalt not steal,”

    I knew He had said.

    So instead I went home,

    feeling light as a breeze,

    For I knew I did right

    and that He would be pleased.

    Illustrated by Dick Brown