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“Twirlum,” Friend, Sept. 1997, 18


A twirlum is a silly toy

That you can make yourself.

It doesn’t cost a penny,

And you store it on a shelf.

Cut a piece of stiffish paper

Into the shape that’s shown.

Cut halfway down the middle.

Your twirlum can soon be thrown.

Paste a tapered toothpick

To the paper’s pointed end,

And give each of the two flaps

A gentle, outward bend.

Push the ’pick into a cork—

Be careful not to break it.

Once you see this toy in action,

You’ll be glad that you did make it.

Take your twirlum outside now,

And toss into the air.

It will spin toward the ground,

Landing somewhere over there!

Illustrated by Mark Robison