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“Hagoth,” Friend, Jan. 1995, 27


Many Nephites left Zarahemla

Five thousand four hundred Nephite men, their wives, and their children left the land of Zarahemla and traveled north. Alma 63:4


One of them, named Hagoth, built a large ship and launched it into the west sea. Alma 63:5

Nephites sailed northward

Many Nephites took food and supplies and sailed northward in his ship. Alma 63:6

Hagoth built other ships

Hagoth built other ships that carried people to the land northward. His first ship returned and took more people northward. Alma 63:7

None returned

One other ship set sail; none of the ships returned. The Nephites did not know what happened to them. Alma 63:8

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson