Sister Simon’s Saints
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“Sister Simon’s Saints,” Friend, Jan. 1995, 23

Sister Simon’s Saints

Sister Simon’s Saints

1 Happy New Year, class! Why all the sad faces?

Because Christmas is a whole year away.

2 I see. And what’s so bad about that?

No more Christmas presents for twelve months!

Oh, so you like gifts. Good! I was hoping you did. Helpers, come in please.

4 This year we’re going to study the New Testament. It’s the story of the greatest gift any of us will ever receive. Cathlyn, will you please unwrap the gift with blue wrapping and gold ribbon.

5 Because Heavenly Father gave us the gift of his Son, all other good gifts are possible. We’ll spend the whole year unwrapping the wonderful gifts we receive from the Savior, and you’ll find that unlike Christmas gifts, they never wear out.

6 So, shall we start unwrapping?