Snow Globe
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“Snow Globe,” Friend, Jan. 1995, 31

Snow Globe

To make a snow globe, you will need: a small glass jar and lid, acrylic paint and a paintbrush, a small plastic figure, glitter, and waterproof glue.

  1. To make sure the jar won’t leak, fill it with water, screw on the lid, and turn the jar upside down.

  2. Pour out the water and dry the lid, then paint it on the outside and let it dry completely.

  3. Glue the plastic figure to the inside of the lid and let the glue dry. (Don’t let the glue reach the edge of the lid, because this will break the seal.)

  4. Fill the jar almost full with water and add about a teaspoon of glitter; stir it well.

  5. Carefully lower the plastic figure into the water and screw the jar lid on tightly.

  6. Now turn the jar upside down, shake it, and let it “snow.”