Just Like Me
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“Just Like Me,” Friend, Jan. 1995, 30

Just Like Me

Children in China like dancing and twirling,

And fat little raindrops, and clouds when they’re swirling,

And walking on tiptoes, and waking up early—

Just like me!

Children in Russia like flowers in bunches,

And sniffing fresh bread, and snow when it crunches,

And having a treat to finish their lunches—

Just like me!

Children in India can laugh till they roar,

And rumble and tumble all over the floor,

And run when they answer a knock at the door—

Just like me!

Children in Israel like music and math,

And wrinkled-up hippos and long-necked giraffes,

And bubbles and splashing when they take a bath—

Just like me!

Children in Finland like grandfather clocks,

And cuddling in blankets, and warm, fuzzy socks,

And treasuring seashells and colorful rocks—

Just like me!

Children in Africa like to be kissed,

And like to see stars in the Milky Way mist,

And like to watch ladybugs crawl on their fists—

Just like me!

Illustrated by Elise Niven Black