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“Who?” Friend, Jan. 1995, 5


This wise old owl knows all the answers to these New Testament questions. Now he says “Whoo?” to you. Are you wise enough to know the answers? If you need help, look up the scriptures by each question.

  1. Who was the mother of Jesus? (See Luke 1:30–31.)

  2. Who told the Wise Men to “go and search diligently” for the Christ Child, then return and tell him where to find the Babe? (See Matt. 2:7–8.)

  3. Who followed so that Jesus could “make them fishers of men”? (See Matt. 4:18–20.)

  4. Who baptized Jesus? (See Mark 1:9.)

  5. Who were the parents of John the Baptist? (See Luke 1:13.)

  6. Who had two sisters named Mary and Martha and was raised from the dead by Jesus? (See John 11:1–2, 43–44.)

  7. Who claimed that he had the power to either crucify or release Jesus? Jesus replied that he could “have no power at all” unless it was given to him “from above.” (See John 19:10–11.)

  8. Who saw Jesus after he had risen from the grave (sepulchre)? Jesus told her not to touch him because he had not yet ascended to his Father. (See John 20:1, 16–18.)

  9. Who said that he would not believe that Jesus had appeared to his disciples (after he had been crucified) unless this person could see the prints of the nails in Jesus’ hands? (See John 20:24–25.)

  10. Who said: “I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live”? (See John 11:25.)


  • (1) Mary, (2) Herod, (3) Simon called Peter and Andrew, (4) John (the Baptist), (5) Zacharias and Elisabeth, (6) Lazarus, (7) Pilate, (8) Mary Magdalene, (9) Thomas, (10) Jesus.