The Kirtland Temple Is Dedicated
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“The Kirtland Temple Is Dedicated,” Friend, Mar. 1987, 20

The Kirtland Temple Is Dedicated

Adapted from Doctrine and Covenants Stories (PBIC037A

(See D&C 109, D&C 137; Essentials in Church History, chapter 21.)

Temple in Kirtland

1 The Saints in Kirtland, Ohio, worked hard on the temple there. As soon as a few rooms in it were finished, they held meetings in them.

Joseph has vision of his brother Alvin

2 During the first meeting, the Prophet Joseph Smith had a vision in which he saw his brother Alvin, who had died before the Church was restored.

Everyone will have a chance to accept the gospel

3 The Lord told the Prophet that Alvin and every righteous person who has ever lived and not known the gospel will have the chance to accept it and enter the celestial kingdom.

Little children go to the celestial kingdom

4 And all children who die before they are eight years old, the Lord said, will also go to the celestial kingdom.

Dedication of Kirtland Temple

5 When the temple was completed, it was dedicated to the Lord in a prayer by the Prophet Joseph.

Saints sustained Church leaders

6 In that solemn assembly for the dedication, the Saints sustained Church officers and sang hymns of praise and thanksgiving for the temple.