Stick to the Truth
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“Stick to the Truth,” Friend, Mar. 1987, 24–25

Stick to the Truth

These figures can be cut out and used as stickers. You will need glue or tape.

Have a Heart—Keep Your Promises

Woolly Tales Lead People Astray

If Your Conscience Bugs You, Repent

“Leaf” Lies Alone

Lies Can Only Be Swallowed by Bigger Ones

Don’t Be Foolish—Tell the Truth

Shine for Light and Truth

A Clear Conscience Let’s You Fly Free

Stop and Think—Is It Honest?

No Time Is a Good Time for Gossip

Crime Doesn’t Pay

Friends Protect Friends from Showers of Lies

You’d Better Hop to It If You Promised to Do It

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney