Sharing Time: Travis Repents
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“Sharing Time: Travis Repents,” Friend, Mar. 1987, 40

Sharing Time:

Travis Repents

We believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam’s transgression (A of F 1:2).

Have you ever made a mistake? Have you ever felt sorry about something that you have done? Here is a true story of a responsible boy named Travis. He learned that being accountable for his actions by repenting made him feel good about himself.


  1. Color and cut out pictures.

  2. Mount on colored paper or lightweight cardboard. Carefully poke holes in each picture and attach rings, or tie with ribbon or yarn, to make flip story.

  3. Show pictures and tell story during family home evening. Tell of a time when you were responsible and repented of a mistake that you had made.

Travis Learns About Repentance

Travis played with Matt’s toys

1. Travis was having fun playing with Matt’s toys. He wished that they were his own.

I’ll borrow them

2. I’ll borrow them, he thought, putting several toys into his pocket without asking Matt.

He took the toys home

3. When Travis played with the toys in his bedroom at home, it wasn’t much fun.

Travis was unhappy

4. His mother asked him why he was unhappy.

Travis borrowed without asking

5. Travis told his mother that he had borrowed Matt’s toys without asking and that now he felt awful about it.

That was wrong

6. “It is wrong to take something that belongs to someone else,” said Travis’s mother. “What will make it right?”

Travis wants his Mom to take the toys back

7. “I’ll feel better if Matt has his toys back,” said Travis. “Will you take them to him for me?”

Travis must do that

8. “No, I can’t repent for you,” Mother replied. “You are sorry, and you need to take the toys back yourself.”

Travis afraid

9. “I’m afraid to tell Matt the truth. Maybe he’ll be mad at me.”

Tell Matt you are sorry

10. “Maybe he will,” said Mother, “but taking the toys back and telling Matt that you are sorry will take away the bad feeling that you have for your mistake.”

Travis returns the toys

11. “Matt, here are your toys. I’m sorry that I took them without asking,” said Travis. “I won’t do it again.”

Matt was glad

12. “I’m glad that you brought them back,” said Matt. “You really are a good friend.”

Travis glad he told the truth

13. “I’m glad that I told the truth and made things right,” Travis said with a smile.

Sharing Time Ideas

  1. Enlarge each picture, and present as flip-chart or roller-box story (See Friend, October 1981, page 42, or April 1985, page 18). Have three people read character parts.

  2. Invite three people to dramatize story.

  3. Provide copies of story for each child to color and retell during family home evening. As children finish coloring, have them form groups of three and practice giving story.

  4. Sing “My Heavenly Father Wants Me to Be Happy” (Sing with Me, B-60) and “Choose the Right” (Hymns, no. 239).

Illustrated by Elise N. Black