Japanese Wind Balls
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“Japanese Wind Balls,” Friend, Mar. 1987, 5

Japanese Wind Balls

Japanese children are clever at making things from paper. One of their favorite toys is the Japanese wind ball, which is made from three paper circles. When the circles are fitted together, they form a flanged ball. And if the ball is placed on the ground, even the gentlest breeze will send it bowling along at surprising speed. Make more than one, and you can have a race.


  1. Cut three circles 4″ (10 cm) in diameter from heavy paper. (Lightweight paper plates work well.) Color each circle (optional).

  2. Cut slits in each circle, and label A, B, C (see illustration).

  3. To form ball, slip half of circle B through center slit in circle A. Then fold circles A and B in half and push them halfway through one slit in circle C (see illustration).

    Japanese Wind Balls

    Circle B is fitted into circle A. Fold circles A and B in half, and push halfway through one slit in Circle C. Open out flanges to form ball.

  4. Open sections of circles A and B very carefully to form ball shape.

Completed Japanese wind ball with flanges opened.