Tiny Strawberry Garden

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“Tiny Strawberry Garden,” Friend, May 1986, 5

Tiny Strawberry Garden

You will need: empty half-gallon-size milk carton, pointed scissors, trowel, dirt, six strawberry plants, and water.

Cut top off milk carton. Punch four holes in bottom for drainage. Cut holes 1 1/2″ (3.75 cm) in diameter at different place on each side of the carton. Fill carton with soil.

With finger, depress soil inside each hole, and carefully work strawberry roots through hole and into soil. Press additional dirt firmly around roots. Plant two plants in top of carton. Water plants well.

Strawberry garden should be placed in sunny spot outside so that they can be pollinated by bees. Once flowers begin to drop their petals, move strawberry garden to sunny window and keep soil moist.

Illustrated by Dick Brown