Animal Rhymes

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“Animal Rhymes,” Friend, May 1986, 47

Animal Rhymes

Complete each description by filling in the blank space with an animal name that rhymes with the boldface word. Example: A thin, small horse is a bony pony.

  1. A drenched poodle is a soggy _______.

  2. A rubber serpent is a fake _______.

  3. An amiable game bird is a pleasant _______.

  4. A clever young cat is a witty _______.

  5. A brave fish is a daring _______.

  6. A lively gobbler is a perky _______.

  7. A weak sea mammal is a frail _______.

  8. A droopy monkey is a limp _______.

  9. A just grizzly is a fair _______.

  10. A runaway fowl is a loose _______.

  11. An ailing parasite is a sick _______.

  12. An amusing cottontail is a funny _______.