Yarn Corsage

“Yarn Corsage,” Friend, May 1986, 32–33

Yarn Corsage

(A Mother’s Day Present You Can Make)

What You Need

  • canning jar lid

  • large safety pin

  • scissors

  • 5 pieces green yarn about as long as your foot

  • 5 pieces flower-color yarn (like red or yellow) long enough to wrap around lid 10 times

What to Do

  1. Wrap 1 piece of flower-color yarn around lid.

  2. Carefully slide yarn off lid, and tie in middle with piece of green yarn.

  3. Do steps 1 and 2 again for each piece of flower-color yarn.

  4. Pin safety pin through knot on each flower so that green stems all hang down.

  5. Fluff out yarn petals and cut off straggly ends.