A Teacher

“A Teacher,” Friend, May 1986, inside front cover

A Teacher

(Adapted from an April 1972, conference address. See Ensign, July 1972, page 85.)

It was on a summer day early in the morning. I was standing near the window. The curtains obstructed me from two little creatures out in the garden. One was a large bird, and the other a little bird obviously just out of the nest. I saw the larger bird hop out onto the lawn, then thump his feet and cock his head. He drew a big fat worm out of the lawn and came hopping back. The little bird opened its bill wide, but the big bird swallowed the worm.

Then I saw the big bird fly up into a tree. He pecked at the bark for a little while and came back with a big bug in his mouth. The little bird opened his beak wide, but the big bird swallowed the bug. There was squawking in protest.

The big bird flew away, and I didn’t see it again, but I watched the little bird. After a while, the little bird hopped out onto the lawn, thumped its feet, cocked its head, and pulled a big worm out of the lawn.

God bless the good people who teach our children and our youth.

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney