Noah’s Ark

“Noah’s Ark,” Friend, May 1986, 16

Noah’s Ark

Read the story of Noah’s Ark, and fill in the missing words. Place the words in the ark, noting that the last letter of each filled-in word is the first letter of the next one. Use the scripture references at the end of each paragraph, if needed.

  1. God told _________ to build an ark. He was to make it three _________ cubits long, fifty cubits wide, and thirty cubits high. It was to have a _________ in the side, _________ in it, and be three _________ high. (See Gen. 6:13–16.)

  2. Noah was then to bring every __________ of living thing, __________ of each, into the ark, including fowl, cattle, and every creeping thing __________ the earth. He was to gather __________ for himself and for them. Noah __________ all that God commanded. (See Gen. 7:4–6.)

  3. God told Noah that He would cause it to rain for forty __________ and that every living _______________ on the face of the __________ would be destroyed. Noah was then six __________ years old. (See Gen. 7:4–6.)

  4. After seven __________, Noah; his wife; and his sons, __________, Ham, and Japheth; and their wives all went into the ark. It was the seventeenth day of the second __________ in the six __________ year of Noah’s life. The windows of __________ were opened, and the ark was lifted by the waters. Every living thing on earth died. (See Gen. 7:10–13, 21.)

  5. After forty days, __________ sent a raven out a window of the ark to see if the waters ____________ dried up. He also sent a ____________, which came back to him. When he sent it again a week later, it returned in the __________ with an olive leaf in its mouth. Noah knew then that the water was drying up. When the land was dry, __________ told Noah to take his family and all of the animals and leave the ark. (See Gen. 8:6–16.)


  • (1) Noahundredooroomstories, (2) sortwofoodid, (3) daysubstancearthundred, (4) dayshemonthundredtheaven, (5) NoahadoveveninGod.

Illustration by Dick Brown