A Teacher of Generations

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A Teacher of Generations

For almost 60 years, Beryl Tolhurst has been teaching in some capacity in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Baptised in 1958, Beryl began her dedicated service by teaching children in Sunday School. Over the years she has taught youth, young adults and adult classes. This includes 21 years of teaching seminary, an early morning four-year course of scripture study for youth, and institute, an evening gospel study class for young adults.

One of her students, Lela Pikula of Camden Ward, believes that Beryl’s classes prepared her to serve her mission.

“She brought the scriptures alive. When I read the Old Testament, I remember the stories because of Beryl,” she said.

Another of Beryl’s students, Mackenzie Stewart of the Wollongong Ward said, “Beryl made everyone feel welcome. Not only were classes so interesting and enjoyable, but she also made the best treats and we’d share recipes.”

Trevor Stewart, of Wollongong Ward said, “Beryl would have an answer to any question posed, and acknowledged all thoughts presented in class. Beryl would pick up anyone to get to youth activities. If we weren’t ready, she’d just wait patiently!”

Tyler Figueroa of the Wollongong Ward said, “It is a privilege to be in one of Beryl’s classes.”

Tyler’s mother, Sam, concurred saying, “Beryl has a way of explaining the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is more than a teacher; she feels like family. We continue to check up on each other.”

Speaking of her service in the Church Beryl said, “I love it! I love the friends you make because they stay with you for life. People I’ve taught from years ago, and who still remember lessons taught, will come up and give me a hug and it makes me so happy.”