Reflecting Your True Identity
August 2019

“Reflecting Your True Identity,” Ensign, August 2019

Young Adults

Reflecting Your True Identity

young adult woman looking at her reflection

Photograph by Mindy Selu

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Do you pick out things you don’t like about your appearance? Do you beat yourself up for your mistakes or weaknesses? Do you see someone who criticizes you staring back?

Or do you see yourself as a child of God? Do you see someone who thinks positively and expresses gratitude in any circumstance? Do you see someone who treats you with compassion?

When we understand who we truly are, we can stop focusing so much on our reflection in the mirror and instead seek to reflect the light of Christ. In this section, you’ll read about body image and come to a greater understanding of your own worth. I share my insights about the body from the truths found in the scriptures and the temple (page 70). Marcus shares how he overcame negative self-image and how we can all recognize that we are, indeed, good enough (page 74). Then Hannah explains the ease of getting caught in the world’s standards of beauty and how we can deepen our appreciation for our bodies through Christ (page 76).

In digital-only articles, Ciara and Reagan share their struggles with eating disorders and how they’ve relied on the Savior for healing. A mental health professional offers guidance for understanding and supporting those who struggle with eating disorders. Sandra Vanessa and Chantele share how they’ve learned to love their bodies after having children, and Aubrey shares three ways to find joy from within.

As disciples of Christ, we can’t get tied up in the ever-changing philosophies of the world regarding our appearance. Our value as individuals is truly determined by how much the Savior loves us. Next time you study your reflection, remember that your worth is infinite, and it comes from God.


Aspen Stander