The Gift of Our Bodies
August 2019

“The Gift of Our Bodies,” Ensign, August 2019

The Gift of Our Bodies

The body. It’s an amazing thing, isn’t it? How many times have you heard someone say, “Hey, watch this!”? Whatever follows may be awe-inspiring or simply silly, but whatever it is, it’s a reminder of how incredible and capable the human body is.

And yet sometimes we look at our body and wish it were different. A little thinner perhaps. Or more muscular. More flawless, more sculpted.

In this issue, we explore why it’s important to maintain a positive body image and to love the body God has given us, regardless of its shape, size, and limitations (see pages 68–80). We review teachings from Church leaders on the body (see pages 62–63) and share how parents can help children safeguard their bodies and avoid the world’s harmful messages on the subject (see pages 60–61).

Also, President Russell M. Nelson shares a special message in this month’s issue of the New Era encouraging us to master our appetites and respect our bodies. Whether you have youth in your home or not, you’ll want to pick it up.

I hope these messages not only build your faith but also help you feel more confident and more grateful for the marvelous gift that is your mortal body.

J. Ryan Jensen

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