The Burdens of Bullying
August 2017

“The Burdens of Bullying,” Ensign, August 2017

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The Burdens of Bullying

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Preparing your children to deal with bullies—or to avoid becoming bullies themselves—will help them as they interact with others in school, at church, in the neighborhood, and even in home settings. Talk with them about bullying and how it can hurt others. Explain that if someone treats us badly, we should stick up for ourselves, but we can also choose to be kind. Let your children know that if they ever encounter bullying, they can come to you, a teacher, or other trusted adult to work out a solution together. Use stories from this month’s Friend to help start a discussion and to plan safe ways for your children to stand up against bullying.

Enough Is Enough!” (pages 32–34)

Can bullies get bullied too? Olivia has never been nice, but what happens when someone stands up for her? After reading this story, role-play some similar situations so your kids can practice what to say and do in the heat of the moment.

Being Like Nephi” (page 16)

When Mason gets angry at his brother, he decides to follow Nephi’s example instead of being mean back. Find examples in the scriptures of men and women who chose to be kind, even in tough situations. You could draw and hang up pictures of these scripture heroes as reminders.