Being Like Nephi

    “Being Like Nephi,” Friend, August 2017

    Being Like Nephi

    Being Like Nephi

    Illustration by Brandon Dorman

    One day I learned in Primary about how faithful and righteous Nephi was. So I decided that I wanted to be like Nephi.

    The next day I worked on making better choices. My brother hit me. I got mad. I wanted to hit him back, but I decided to be like Nephi. Instead of hitting my brother back, I just walked away. It helped to take my anger away.

    Another time, my brother played with my airplane without asking, and I was worried that he was going to break it. So I asked him nicely to give it back, and he did!

    It is hard to make the right choice sometimes, but I think of Jesus’s and Nephi’s examples. I also read my scriptures every night, and it helps me throughout the day to make righteous choices. I know that when we are faithful like Jesus and Nephi, it will make us happy.