Snacks & Crafts

    “Snacks & Crafts,” Friend, August 2017

    Snacks & Crafts

    Be sure to get an adult’s help.

    Snacks and Crafts

    Illustrations by Thomas S. Child

    Pudding Pops

    1. Make your favorite instant pudding

    2. Pour pudding into an ice-cube tray or small cups

    3. Put craft sticks in

    4. Put in freezer for several hours

    Tips: You could also freeze smoothies, juice, yogurt, or lemonade! If the craft stick can’t stand up on its own, cover the cups in plastic wrap and poke the stick through the center.

    Picture Perfect

    Here’s something else you can do with craft sticks! Glue them together to make a frame for a special photo. Be creative! Try layering the sticks and using different shapes and patterns. When the frame has dried, decorate however you’d like. Then glue in the photo.