Spreading the Gospel

    “Spreading the Gospel,” Friend, August 2017

    Church History Figures

    Spreading the Gospel

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    Church History Figures: Spreading the Gospel

    Illustrations by Beth M. Whittaker

    After the gospel was restored, 12 Apostles were called to be special witnesses of Jesus Christ to the world. Two Apostles, Heber C. Kimball and Brigham Young, were called to England. They had very little money, but every time Elder Young opened his trunk, he always found enough for their journey. After they got to England, a local minister sent a constable to arrest Elder Woodruff for preaching. Elder Woodruff explained that he had a license to preach and invited the constable to stay. The constable ended up getting baptized! The minister sent two clerks to spy on Elder Woodruff. They got baptized too!