Niki Covington: Lazio, Italy

    “Niki Covington: Lazio, Italy,” Ensign, August 2017

    Portraits of Faith

    Niki Covington

    Lazio, Italy

    Niki and family at dinner

    Studying classical art has brought Niki and his family to Italy several times. Niki is currently pursuing his studies in Rome, where he is discovering ways to use his talents and the arts to bear testimony of Jesus Christ.

    Cody Bell, photographer

    As a family, we desire to use the talents we feel God has given us to bear testimony of the gospel and to bring Christ’s love to the lives of others. I’ve been blessed with a very limited number of talents, which has made it possible for me to develop only a few. Some people may have the talent of charity, some may have the gift of writing, and others may have many gifts.

    How do you use the gifts and talents God has given you to share your testimony and your feelings about the gospel with others? This question has set our family on a quest to learn what our gifts are and how we can use them to bear testimony of the Savior.

    This has caused me to dig deeper and study more about what art is, where it came from, and its relationship and role in the gospel.

    As I’ve studied the roots of the arts, I’ve come to learn that the arts have a very sacred root in God. He is the author of all beauty, virtue, and truth. All forms of beauty emanate from Him. This has been a great discovery for me as an artist. Hopefully, through the workmanship of my hands, I can leave this as a testimony for my children and others.

    playing soccer

    Niki plays soccer with his children.

    riding on the bus

    Niki is in Italy to develop his talents as an artist.

    picking herbs

    Niki and his children gather fresh ingredients for dinner.

    Covington children

    Their children are sources of joy for Niki and Tiffany Covington.

    leaving church

    The Covingtons leave for home after church.

    children playing

    Niki watches his children play together.


    The Covingtons enjoy gathering together for meals.