Joy as a Disciple of Jesus Christ
August 2017

“Joy as a Disciple of Jesus Christ,” Ensign, August 2017


Joy as a Disciple of Jesus Christ

young man doing homework

Have you ever had a bad day? What did you do to cheer up? President Uchtdorf knows that “we each have our heartaches, our disappointments, our sorrows. We may even feel discouraged and at times overwhelmed.”

His solution is to live what he calls “a disciple’s life”: “remain faithful and keep moving forward in faith.” When we move forward in faith, we are able to trust God, keep His commandments, and serve others—and feel joy during all of it! As President Uchtdorf said, “Those who live a disciple’s life … are those whose small acts often make a big difference.”

Consider making a list of ways that you can live a disciple’s life. For instance, you could write down a service idea like “Help a parent prepare dinner” or an idea for keeping the commandments like “Praying for more patience with my siblings.” The next time you feel frustrated or overwhelmed, pull out your list, pick an idea, and try it!